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Cuyahoga County has partnered with PDHI to offer a comprehensive Wellness program. Our goal is to improve the overall well-being of our employees by promoting mental, physical, nutritional, emotional and financial health.

Our Slogan: Be Well and Thrive

Our Vision: Changing Lives By Impacting Well-Being

Our Mission: Promote and sustain the well-being of Cuyahoga County employees and their families by providing quality and integrative health and wellness programs.

Throughout the year, Cuyahoga County offers education, awareness and prevention opportunities through activities such as webinars, onsite flu shot clinics and biometric screenings and a host of other activities through the Wellness portal to promote a healthy workforce. Employees can participate in activities and earn points towards a Wellness incentive.

For full program details, see the program FAQs.  

Questions About Your Wellness Program?