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Universal Life Insurance


A Voluntary Benefit offered through Trustmark Solutions 

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Universal Life is permanent life insurance that helps shield your family from financial hardship if you or your spouse is suddenly out of the picture. It’s that simple. Trustmark’s Universal Life insurance helps provide permanent financial protection and builds cash value over time that you can access for life’s challenges and life’s opportunities.

You can apply for coverage for your spouse, children and grandchildren even if you choose not to have this insurance for yourself. 

Your policy goes with you and you pay the same premium if you change jobs or retire.

The Universal Life Insurance benefits can be paid as a Death Benefit, as Living Benefits, or as a combination of both. A Death Benefit pays at the time of the insured person’s death. The money can be used to help with expenses such as funeral costs, rent or mortgage payments, education costs, payment of bills or you can save the money for future needs. The Living Benefit is an advance on your Death Benefit and can help pay for home healthcare, assisted living, nursing home and adult day care services, should you ever need them.

How Living Benefits Add Up 

Example: $100,000 Death Benefit  Maximum Benefit Amount 
Long-Term Care (LTC) Benefit *
Pays a monthly benefit equal to 4 percent of your death benefit for up to 25 months. The LTC benefit accelerates the death benefit and proportionately reduces it.
Benefit Restoration
Restores the death benefit that is reduced to pay for LTC, so your family receives a full death benefit when they need it most.
Total Maximum Benefit
Living Benefits can double the value of your life insurance

* The LTC Benefit is an acceleration of the death benefit and is not Long-Term Care Insurance. It begins to pay after 90 days of confinement or services, and to qualify you must meet conditions of eligibility for benefits. Pre-existing condition limitation may apply. Living Benefits may not be available in all states or may be named differently. Please consult your policy for complete details. Benefits paid may vary. See your policy/certificate for details.

Plans GUL.205/IUL.205; HH/LTC.205; BRR.205; ABR.205; ADB.205; CT.205; and WP.205 are underwritten by Trustmark Insurance Company, Lake Forest, Illinois.

Rates vary depending on age, specific coverage included (Riders), benefit amount and tobacco or non-tobacco use.  The rates below are sample rates.

 Bi-Weekly Rates (26 deductions per year)

 No Riders

Find more rates and plan information at Permanent Life Rates.

Non-Smoker Rates

Issue Age $25,000 $50,000 $75,000 $100,000
35 $7.00 $12.38 $17.74 $23.12
45 $11.04 $20.40 $29.78 $39.14
55 $17.52 $33.34 $49.18 $65.02

Smoker Rates

Issue Age $25,000 $50,000 $75,000 $100,000
35 $9.54 $17.44 $25.36 $33.28
45 $16.28 $30.86 $45.46 $60.06
55 $30.46 $59.26 $88.04 $116.82