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Short Term Disability


A Voluntary Benefit offered through Trustmark Solutions 

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Take a moment to think about your life as you know it. Then ask yourself:

  • If you get sick or hurt off the job, how would you manage life without a paycheck?
  • How long could you go without a paycheck?
  • Would you be able to pay your mortgage or rent?
  • Could you afford the new expenses that come with disability?

Disability income insurance replaces part of your paycheck when you are sick or hurt off the job and unable to work. In addition, benefits:

  • Are paid directly to you and you may use the money for whatever you want
  • Are paid in full regardless of other coverage
  • Cover total disability resulting from a pregnancy or childbirth the same as sickness when it commences after the plan has been in effect for a period of 10 months or more.
  • Waive premiums if you remain disabled for 90 consecutive days
  • Have guaranteed coverage to age 72 and rates and premiums don’t change because of age.
  • Go with you if you change jobs or retire
  • There may be a period after you become disabled before your benefits begin, known as the elimination period.

How Disability Benefits Add Up 

Example: $1,000 monthly benefits.

Jake ruptured a disc and continued to be disabled for another two months and 15 days after his elimination period.

Jake’s benefits following his elimination period and first month of disability $1,000
Jake’s benefits for his second month of disability $1,000
Jake’s benefits for his last 15 days of disability $500
Total Benefits Paid *   $2,500 

*Benefits paid may vary. See your policy/certificate for details.

Short term disability rates can vary based on age and the benefit period.

Bi-Weekly Rates (26 deductions per year)

Benefit Period Accident/Sickness Elimination Period  18 to 49 50 to 59 60 to 67
6 Months 14/14 Days $1.04 $1.32 $1.80
12 Months 14/14 Days $1.32 $1.78 $2.52
24 Months 30/30 Days $1.02 $1.66 $2.46
Visit Short Term Disability Rates for more sample rates and plan information.